Personal Photographs


Soraya strikes a pose at The Halloween Ball...

Soraya dressed as the "Vampire Bride"/retro Hollywood scream queen horror movie actress and Dr. Rob as "Blade", the killer Puppet from the fabulous Full Moon film series: PUPPET MASTER.

The gorgeous Medieval entranceway to the beautiful Winery circa 1864 in the NJ "Pine Barren's".

Blade with his hand around his blushing bride Soraya!
What an incredible Halloween party....the best ever.

Although Blade desired Absinthe which the bar did not have, he settled for a vodka Martini instead. Only the best for Blade! LOL

Soraya and her friend Jennifer rock the dance floor!

Soraya and Dr. Rob's friends Chris and Danielle as:"THE PHARAOH and his Egyptian QUEEN CLEOPATRA"

Soraya and her handsome husband Dr. Rob pose outside at the winery.

The haunted winery and their beautiful holiday decor...

Soraya strikes a pose..

Soraya smiles for the camera....

Soraya at the waterfall...

The fabulous and haunted Medieval entranceway revisited...