Soraya's Professional Belly Dancing
& Modeling Photographs

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Soraya strikes a pose in her unique,
new Egyptian Madame Abla costume at sunset.

Soraya's new custom-made Egyptian
costume in bronze, copper, gold and topaz.
The late day sunset at the weekend/shore home
of Soraya and Dr. Rob was the perfect setting.

The beautiful Jersey shore sunset showcases the
rich, fall colors of this magnificent costume.
The veil that is draped on Soraya is made of
gorgeous bronze/copper Austrian Swarovski crystals.

Soraya poses with another happy bride on her big day!
This photo was taken before the Egyptian Zeffa
processional began. This upscale wedding took place
at a very beautiful and exclusive venue in Blue Bell, PA.

Soraya's performances are not only beautifully upscale and perfectly authentic but, they are always family oriented. The flower girl and her friends pose in Soraya's dressing room before she hits the dance floor and dazzles the audience with her unforgettable belly dance artistry. ~ Blue Bell, PA

Soraya performed in a wonderful "Arabian Nights" theme event! (Backstage outside of her dressing room.)

Upscale Egyptian Wedding at another beautiful venue - (Soraya in her dressing room before hitting the dance floor!)

Soraya's dramatic grand entrance as she greets her delighted audience!

Soraya's big beaming smile! (cutting edge fashion from Amsterdam)

Soraya shows the flower girl some of her signature belly dancing moves. The crowd goes absolutely wild!

Showcasing some of her dramatic authentic belly dance choreography.

Soraya bay princess with her flowing veil!

Soraya sharing her amazing joyful happiness with the world!

Model Soraya in a close-up portrait.

Folkloric Egyptian fishnet veil tie (Soraya el hazimni ya)

Soraya at the Gazebo on the gorgeous Margate, NJ open bay front down the shore!

Posing in her new couture at the Gazebo! (check out the moonlight on the bay behind Soraya)

Another fabulous summer at the shore.
Soraya's Professional Belly Dancing
& Modeling Photographs

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