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Soraya in front of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders
of the world!

Ancient building at Taj Mahal site in Agra, India. Soraya forever changed how belly dance is viewed in India with her popular Arabic dance tour of select 5 star hotels.
Her driver took Soraya and her Manager sight seeing.

Bellydance Star Soraya in sunglasses at the Taj Mahal site, India.

Soraya took this photo while sightseeing
in Casablanca, Morocco. She was in Maroc dancing as an invited guest of his late Majesty, King Hassan and the Royal Family.

OLE! Soraya and Dr. Rob in Seville, Spain
Andalusia enjoying a professional Flamenco show being presented at the famous El Patio Sevillano. Soraya was recognized in the audience and approached by the owner to bellydance!

Soraya posing in Sevilla, Spain

Soraya in El Barrio
Santa Cruz, Andalusia, southern Spain

Soraya on famous Triana bridge with 13th century Moorish Monument in background.

Dr. Rob in front of Bar Europa Restaurant,
(Beautiful Plaza Nueva shopping district).

Dr. Rob at Spanish Restaurant

Soraya at the famous Bull Ring in Sevilla, Spain. Being avid animal lovers, Doc and Soraya chose not to see a bull fight.

Soraya in the gorgeous Mediterranean Garden
at their hotel after a night on the town.

Famous, upscale Spanish Restaurant "LA ISLA", known for the best food in Spain!

Soraya right at home in ancient 16th century

Soraya sitting in 16th Century Museum
once owned by Spain's most famous Prince
and Princess. She is surrounding by
beautiful Spanish tiles. Many ideas for
their new home decor was inspired by this
trip: "Villa de Soraya and Roberto"

Soraya in a pensive profile after a long, wonderful day of shopping with her husband.
The good Doctor and his wife Soraya toasting their Martini's to their amazing vacation in romantic Seville, Spain. This picture was taken in the beautiful garden lounge
at their hotel at midnight!