World Travel  Photographs

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Soraya strikes a pose in
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Holland)

Beautiful Amsterdam Hotel Canal

Amsterdam Hotel Garden

Amsterdam Hotel Snowfall on the Canal!

Famous Bulldog Coffeehouse

Amsterdam Canal in Winter

Amsterdam Canal and two tourist boats, crossing sunset.

Amsterdam Soraya and Canal

Soraya and Canal Boat after a
long day of sightseeing and shopping

Leides Plein Village in lovely Amsterdam, Holland
Dr. Rob and Soraya's favorite hangout!

Leides Plein and Soraya on side street.

Dr. Rob and Soraya with the quintessential Martini
Toast to lovely Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Busy street in downtown Amsterdam

Soraya in front of famous Amsterdam Rijks Museum

A street in the Red Light District of Amsterdam

The Red Light Coffeehouse
An interesting European street in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Rembrandt Plein Village

Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Rob in front of ancient castle in Lisbon, Portugal.

Dr. Rob in front of Lisbon tour bus

Dr. Rob in front of Lisbon, Portuguese bank.

Street Entertainment (ethnic drummers), Lisbon, Portugal

Dr. Rob in front of King's castle and guard in Oslo, Norway.