Versatile Character Actress
Children's Entertainer and Print Model.

Soraya is not only an internationally accomplished Middle Eastern dancer, but she is also an actress and print model. This multi-talented performer opens her creative horizons to include a whole plethora of interesting and fascinating realms of entertainment to include:

A Star In The Making
Soraya began performing the ancient art of Middle Eastern dance at age 5. Her natural talent, ability and feel for the dance captured the hearts of audiences. As a young child, she danced at numerous International festivals, family parties (haflas), many talent showcases for children such as the famous (Lucille Russo's Boardwalk star Revue), TV shows and wedding parties, etc. Soraya began her successful career in ethnic dance as far back as she could remember. Middle Eastern dance and music was constantly around her and her parents rarely left her home with the babysitter! Now, she has blossomed into what a prominent Arabic newspaper referred to her....."As an incomparable International Star, who constantly sets new trends in the dance world!"..... She has gone on to entertain audiences both nationally and internationally. Pictured is a photo taken at the "landmark" Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant called, "The Dyonysis" in Philadelphia, Pa. Her family would also frequent another ethnic entertainment hot spot called,"The Olympic Flame"that was in the heart of Atlantic City, NJ. Even as a little girl,"PRINCESS SORAYA" knew how to captivate and work a crowd with her lovely and adorable style and charm!

Fairy Princess or Snow Angel
Soraya portrays a beautiful Fairy Princess or Snow Angel during the holiday season. She is complete in white leotards, lace bodice, crinoline ballerina tutu, jeweled slippers, golden tiara, fairy wings and of course her magic wand. She is tatiana and mystically becomes, the princess of Fairies. She performs this role at casino and children's parties around Christmas time. She is very busy with her side-kick, the 10 foot tall talking Christmas tree "Quincey".

Princess Jasmine or Pricessah Yasmina
Soraya also portrays the exotic Princess Jasmine from "Aladdin". Many times she is accompanied by a friend that portrays the Aladdin character to complete the Middle Eastern illusion at a party.

Esmeralda, the Gypsy Dancer from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
Soraya is sought after by parents to perform this character for birthday parties for little girls. Her exotic, dark Mediterranean appearance so closely resembles the animated character that everyone believes that SORAYA is actually the Mysterious and lovely "Esmeralda". Soraya does an artistic dance routine, sings and sometime does a duet with her sidekick, "Quasimoto", the Hunchback to the sheer delightment of children. Soraya performs this character all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania and recently appeared in a major casino concert, featuring all of the Disney's characters, where she dance and sang to the amazed audience of over 2,000 children and their parents.

Elvira, "Mistress of the Dark"
Soraya portray's Elvira at countless promotional parties and elaborate Halloween theme casino extravaganza every year.